WordPress SEO- essential things to know

  • January 2, 2019

WordPress SEO is the best source to maintain or create a blog for the blogger. It is easy to use, but there are some issues which you face. There are some things which you must follow for the Best WordPress SEO.

Things to know:-

WordPress loved by Google?

If you have heard about Google, it loves, but there are having some evidence. The main aim of Google is that they want to provide the best result to their users.

WordPress SEO advantages

WordPress has some advantages to make a good site because due to this you can create or edit the content or you can also apply these policies. Your blog is become updated, and your search engines and you can see the regular updated of the site.

Domain name

Domain name is the most important thing for the WordPress SEO. In a domain name, you will include the keyword, place it is the beginning if it is possible. 

You have to decide that you can use the WWW or not in your domain name. Install a plug-in for set the permanent redirection, it helps to prevent link or directed both of these.

Meta data

If you want to get the best effect, then you should use the title and description. You will select the best title for your page but make sure it looks good. If you are going to write the description, then you should write it manually without using any kind of auto-activity. 

Standard pages

It is also the best thing which you should do for the wordpress SEO, and it is that you must have the standard pages as like about us, terms if use and the privacy policy. You can place these terms with the link either header or as a footer.

Well, these are some important things which you have to know about the Best WordPress SEO.


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