Why are audiobooks offered by audible not a good option?

  • September 14, 2019
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There is a myriad of e-book services available on the internet that offer you various books and reading content in different forms and at different prices. There are two types of content available on the internet; first is the digitalized version of paper books which you can read anywhere and the second is the audio version of the book. Audible is the most popular platform that offers audio books to the public. You need to buy a membership of audible, and based on membership you choose, you will be provided credits.  Users can use these credits to purchase the books, and these books remain in your collection even after your membership ends.

Disadvantages of using audible for listening to audiobooks

Dependency on technology

Audible offers books and novel in the form of audio. So, users need a specific technological device to access these audiobooks. A device is needed to store these audios of books and listen to them. Excellent internet service is also necessary to download these books and save them on your device.

Requires concentration

The major drawback of audiobooks is that they need high concentration to get the best experience of the book. If you slightly get distracted, you will miss the part of the story, and you will have to go back and listen to it again. A person needs to heedful while hearing to the audiobook as a minor issue can ruin the experience.

No skipping

In the physical books, readers can easily skip the boring part or the part that they don’t like, but in an audiobook, you have to hear all the parts of the book there is no option of skipping. Sometimes, users are compelled to hear boring and useless parts as it is in the audiotape.


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