What is a Temp Email? – Comprehensive Features of Temp Email

  • October 27, 2019
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Temporary mail or temp mail is the mail created by an internet user as his secondary mail identity to conceal his actual image on social media platforms. It enables him to freely comment and debate on various topics occurring in the contemporary world of social networking.

Globally agreed reasons to use temp emails for a while: 

  • If anybody does not want to reveal their private mail address. He can operate his temp mail address to sign-in to that specific website or gaming app.
  • If they want to make a debate session on any of the education or news website by commenting on their views, this is a good idea to adopt.
  • New users of the internet who do not know the terms and conditions of the agreement of a particular app or site, it might be challenging to click on the T&C option.
  • Temp emails are disposable emails that can be used only for once. You cannot log in to them again and again.
  •  If your previous personal email account gets temporarily blocked for some reason, you have an option to create a temp email for quick access to a few websites.

Four tips for embracing before creating a temp email address: 

  • Differentiation from the previous one: Your newer disposable or temp email account must have a different account identity from the previous one and a unique password as well. And of course, the new passcode should be easily remembered by you for your convenience.
  • The legit notion of signing-up: The idea of signing-up into a temp email varies from user to user. Some people use it for tracking or stalking people on social media while some use it for legit purposes. It is advised to perform under the lawful restrictions of cyber laws.
  • Activate DND services: After singing-in to your new email account, the first task you should do is to stop the spam messages to enter your inbox. Otherwise, it will create disturbance by notifying numerous times in a day.


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