How Schengen Map helps in management of internal borders?

  • October 30, 2019
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Schengen Zone refers to an area that has eliminated the borders of their countries. The borders of the countries have been eliminated to provide an unrestricted movement of goods and services. The member countries of the European Union are allowed to do so. The Schengen Map includes the countries list that does not require Visa for visiting. The citizen of the member countries should hold a valid passport for traveling to the Zone. 

The ETIAS is an electronic system that checks the eligibility of the citizen. The eligible citizen is allowed to travel to Schengen Zone without Visa for business and medical purposes. There is no criminality in the area with the cooperation of the police and judicial system.

Management of internal borders in the Schengen Zone

Earlier when there was no ETIAS authorization, patrolling of the borders were done. There was a check over the traveling of people from one country to another. The people that wish to travel to different countries were identified and examined. The Schengen Map is required to know about the countries for patrolling.

  • With the Schengen agreement, there is no need for patrolling on the borders. The multiple boundaries were converted into one for unrestricted movement of goods and services. There was no identification of passengers that are traveling from rail or road. The travelers are needed to bring only a valid passport with them. All the obstacles of traffics were removed for free movement from one place to another. 
  • There is no requirement of showing any legal documents at the time of travel. Some of the laws still state that the visitors should carry identification proof with them. The person with valid passport or documents does not require any special permission for traveling. At internal borders, they have to show personal identification proof.


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