Is stud finder is a appropriate tool to find studs?

  • December 16, 2019

We should thankful to the today’s technology that they provided us a good stud finder, which is a small and basic looking device but it is very useful. Whether, you are thinking to hang a picture, renovating your home, hanging a wall clock or mounting a television. On the other hand, if you are thinking to work as a contractor it is one of the most basic equipment that you’ll definitely need. It is impossible to inside the wall so here the stud finder makes your work easier and reliable

Different types of stud finders available in the market

  • Magnetic stud finder- They are small in as compare to the others and they are so basic in looks as well. They are made up of small magnet, which attracts towards the stud because, a stud is made up of metal, and a metal attracts toward the magnet. Therefore, the magnet makes some movement when it comes near to a stud, which is inside the wall. However, it is the cheapest stud finder, so the user must move it toward the wall in all the direction of attraction.
  • Electronic stud finder- They are the modern stud finder used by the professionals. They fitted with the latest and modern technology, that has an LCD attached with it which shown the ratings and the inside 3D look of the wall inside. Professional contractors and explorers use this device to look inside without providing harm to any other thing. Explores use this when they explore at an old site, to look under the wall or to look under the ground. It detects any metal object when it comes to contact with any metal also it can detect from a specific distance. Its cost varies on the company and the model because this device comes in different models and features.


Therefore, you now have all the information regarding the good stud finder. Although, it is all up to you that which stud finder you wanted as well as on your pocket too, as the features increases the price increases too.


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