Neural designer is a professional application which transforms raw data in useful knowledge, discovering complex relationships, recognizing hidden patterns or predicting current trends. 

The program takes a data set, and produces its corresponding neural model. 


                                                                            Activity diagram.


Neural Designer uses neural networks, which are mathematical models of the brain function which can be trained to perform certain tasks. Some examples are the following:


  • In the aeronautical industry, Neural Designer has used flight data to increase comfort and reduce consumption of aircrafts.
  • In the health sector, medical databases have been used to make more reliable and less invasive diagnosis.
  • In the food industry, Neural Designer has used physico-chemical data to increase the quality of wines.
  • In the market sector, sales data has been used to optimize provisioning and improve work quadrants.

On the other hand, the software has been conceived to be operated by experts on the field of application, and not on programming or neural networks. It includes extensive documentation, which contains many tutorials and examples. Moreover, we provide specialized technical support to every customer by telephone or e-mail. 

The goal of Neural Designer is to enable our customers to succeed in creating knowledge from their data.