While getting a vegan protein bar with less sugar, make sure it’s right for your body!

  • July 19, 2019

Workout can be very exhausting and tiring, but not when you start it with consuming a protein bar. As healthy a steaming exercise is, protein bar will help you extract the most out of it. A variety of protein bars are available in the market, but when you put filters like it should be vegan and with low sugar, your choices narrow down with your options.

So all the health conscious vegans out there get your magnifying glass and look for the following labels on the low sugar vegan protein bars you are picking:

  1. Calories:
    Ensure that the protein bar you’re getting gives you the calories in correct proportion, neither less nor higher than what your body requires.
  2. Fat:
    Check out what amount of saturated and unsaturated fat quantities it gives you.
  3. Sodium:
    See what quantity of sodium the bar has, sodium is the main element that helps your body to retain water.
  4. Carbs:
    Carbs consume the most significant portion of a protein bar. The fiber and sugar are parts of carbohydrates, which are where you check the sugar content and thus pick one which has low sugar.
  5. Protein:
    As mentioned, it is named a protein bar, and it will contain higher protein quantity than any other energy giving bar.
    You can start your inspection with NuGo Slim, one of the best low sugar vegan protein bars. It contains:
     More protein
     Low sugar
     No gluten
     No artificial sweeteners
  6. Besides health and nutrition, your taste buds are also taken care of by the manufacturers as these protein bars comes in a lot of flavors from which Expresso, Toasted coconut, Chocolate mint, and Crunchy peanut butter are worth trying. Happy Workout!